Life List Club

Being a member of the Life List club for nearly a month has inspired me to reach new heights. I've been reading other life lists and I can't help but feel like mine was severally lacking. So today I'm setting new goals to give myself the extra push I need.

In my last list, I said it was no secret that I wanted to be published. I've come to find that without giving myself specifics, I tend to get lazy. Below I've listed my exact plans on reaching my dream.

1. 1st edit - Re-write and/or edit at least five and half pages a day or twenty-seven pages a week Mon-Fri.

2. 2nd edit - edit fifteen pages a day or seventy-five pages a week Mon-Fri.

3. 3rd edit - edit and send out at least ten pages a week to two or more beta readers.

4. 4th edit - Beta Reader feedback.

5. Send out five query letters every two weeks.

6. Keep writing. 

If I can keep this schedule then I should be sending out query letters sometime in December/January. As for my other goals ...

1. Play with my kids everyday, get down and dirty - this hasn't changed

2. Workout for at least one half hour three times a week. (I want you guys to hold me to this!)

3. I've already been doing this without announcing it, but more accountability is always good - use the Dave Ramsey plan to get out of debt.

4. Be more involved in my church and community.

That's kind of a load isn't it? The thing is, I've been able to do all this before, I just need to sacrifice a little sleep.


  1. Looks like a great list! Good luck! With a little determination and hard work you'll be able to check off every single one of those goals. :)

  2. That's quite a list! It's all about balance, isn't it? Here's hoping you achieve yours!

  3. Sounds awesome! I'm sure you'll do fantastically!

    I need to do the exercising three times a week, too--I'm sooo bad at regular exercise.

  4. I'll hold you down for the work out part--this will also help motivate me to go to the gym everyday. Last week, I went 3 times but I need consistency so I don't slide off my commitment. We can be virtual work-out buddies. ;)

  5. Sleep is overrated ;)

    It's a great list, and I agree that being specific is always helpful!

  6. Ambitious and well-stated goals, Jen. I think they are very attainable.

    I do a three times a week workout as well, trust me, you will need the energy that brings over time to keep the pace. No slacking :)

    Positive attitude + well-considered goals = Positive results. You are on the right track. Nicely done!

  7. I hadn't heard of life lists before, but I like the idea and may have to create one of my own!


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